KnitOwl and friends

Warping a Simple Frame Loom
to Weave a Belt

Some terminology to know:

  • Warp: The threads of a weaving that are vertical.
  • Weft: The threads of a weaving that are horizontal (can be more than one color).
  • Butterfly: A method of wrapping yarn to act as if it was on a shuttle.
  • Loom: A loom can be extremely simple, or complex. Very complex looms are used in industry and, for a hefty price, can be bought for the home user from catalogs or auction sites. These contain many conveniences - but as all complex machinery, also require a lot of care and training to use. All that is necessary to learn the basics of weaving is a simple sturdy wooden frame, as used here.
  • Shuttle: (not used here) A tool used to hold weft yarn that passes easily between the warp strings and keeps the yarn from tangling. You can make a shuttle out of a long piece of cardboard, if you wish. Simply cut a '>---<' shape out of the cardboard and wrap the yarn around lengthwise.
  • Wrap: A 'wrap', as used here, is one entire circle of yarn around something (the frame, your hand, the ruler etc...) It is one full 'turn' of length around the object being wrapped.

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