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Warping a Simple Frame Loom
to Weave a Belt

How Long Should the Warp be?: The frame you use to weave it should be at least 5.5 feet tall - preferrably 6 to 8 feet tall. Your warp will be double the length of your frame - so at least 11 feet long. You may not use all of the warp, but extra is needed to properly tie off the ends and finish them.

Note: My belt is to fit a 30" waist. Adjust your warp length as necessary.

Warping the Frame

What Do I Weave the Belt On/With?:

A frame can be built simply out of 2'x2' lumber, or even an old door would work. The belt in the above picture was woven on a standard-size door. Lacking a suitable door, the 2'x2' and a small miter-saw to make the frame shown below should be available for about $20.00 USD at any hardware store.

Hooks in the Ceiling
Our frame is held to the ceiling with two hooks and wire.

frame diagram
Diagram of our simple frame.
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