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Warping a Simple Frame Loom
to Weave a Belt

How to Tie On the Warp

Tying On the Warp -1

Give plenty of 'lead string' (to the right of the butterfly) before starting the actual warp. I wrap the string around the frame at least three times then knot the thread as close to the end of the string as possible. You will thank yourself for the extra string later when this tail needs to be hidden inside or knotted off.

Tying On the Warp -2

Sometimes I use a little tape to keep things stable. It is also useful for keeping the strings separate and in order at the beginning -- as you will see later. Masking tape works best for this (I'm using a narrow 'artist's tape'.)

Beginning to Warp the Frame

Beginning to Warp
Keep the tied end to one side, and begin to warp the frame.

Warping the Loom

Standing on a chair to warp the loom. The string will progress in one direction in wide loops around the frame. The goal is seven warp strings in the front for a belt. Make sure you don't cross your strings anywhere, or loop around any other horizontal bars that may be in your frame (see pic). The warp (string) should be a continuous loop or 'O' -- if the warp (string) makes a 'figure 8' anywhere, that is not correct!

Top of the Warp
The Top of the Warp.

Bottom of the Warp
The Bottom of the Warp.

Tying Off the Warp

Tying Off the Warp

Tying off the Warp, the same way you tied the beginning string to the frame -- leave lots of extra string! Note the tape on the warp strings to keep them separate and in order from right to left.

Mouse Helps Out A Lot
Mouse the Manx cat helps out (by being cute, how else?)

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