Salt is Bad for you.. they say.
Diagnosis of a blood pressure disorder that caused unexplained fainting and dizzy spells. Cutting salt out of your diet is not always good for you. Caffeine abuse and hypotension don't mix...

Pregnancy and Hypotension

I am 28 and pregnant with our first child. They say the blood volume of a woman increases greatly with pregnancy. Originally, I was worried this would mean special care would have to be taken. Drinking lots of water helps that blood volume expand, and about 20% of it is now going through our baby as well as through me. Most women are worried about high blood pressure in their pregnancies, but my blood pressure amounts have been within normal ranges and everything seems to be going fine. I am very very thirsty though, and this too, is right on track ;) During this pregnancy I haven't had a single dizzy spell, not even a minor one.

So, salt is not always bad for you. Cutting it out of your diet does not instantly make you healthier, in all circumstances. Every body is different and requires different things to stay healthy. I'd take a small plate of 'high-calorie', salted food over a low-salt bulk meal any day. But that won't work for everyone, especially those with high blood pressure, a slow metabolism or a heart condition. Nutrition and healthy eating doesn't mean the same for everybody, and it really does pay to know what your specific body needs to be healthy, at all of life's stages.

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